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Umeed Se Nahi, Zid Se Jeetenge.

An Entertainer Who Loves To Make People Laugh.

An Actor Following His Dreams.

Meet Nishant Soni, Widely Known as NS ki Duniya.

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About Me

Nishant is an engineer turned film-maker, who loves to make people laugh. NS ki Duniya is an online impression of Nishant Soni, an Engineer by Degree, Shayar by Nature, Writer-Actor-Director by Passion, and a Human by Religion. He is different from any other Youtuber, as he has never played just one character. He writes the content of the video himself, he acts it, he directs it, and he is the one who gives the social angle to it so that a message could be passed to the society for its welfare and upliftment. He has played more than 6-7 characters till now. Also, He shoots most of his video's from his cellphone only.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Nishant Soni is a motivational speaker and social activist. Nishant has always raised his voice towards human rights and is well known for his social activities. There is something unique and special in each video of Nishant. Even in his funny videos, he leaves a message for the society.

The concept he brings to the table is impressive and inspiring that anybody can get inspired and motivated after watching his videos. Watch his video's carefully; you will have a message to pass on to the society.


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